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[20 Oct 2006|08:57am]
i need to see a play this sunday, just wonderin if anyone was interested in seeing Cloud 9 with me. Also, Shocktoberfest!! 2006: Laboratory of Hallucinations is playing till early November, seems like a lot of fun.


The Victorian sexual mores of 1880s colonial Africa ensnare a British family—until Act II, when they lunge impossibly into the next century to find a newly “liberated” London. They make the journey aging only 25 years, but not without whiplash. The characters of Cloud 9 continually shape-shift across lines of age, gender and ethnicity in a struggle to get “in touch” with a true identity. Called “audacious and savagely funny” by the Washington Post, Caryl Churchill’s highly sensual Cloud 9 explores parallels between colonial and sexual oppression in a winking comedic search for self, love, and satisfying sex.



"Sex farces and horror classics collide in a bill-of-fair inspired by the notorious Le Theatre du Grand Guignol (www.grandguignol.com). The Halloween season starts on October, Friday the 13th with the debut of three new tales of terror and taboo from Thrillpeddlers. The fine arts of public execution, taxidermy, surgery and revenge are all displayed live onstage at Thrillpeddlers’ ghoulish and grandiose show palace, The Hypnodrome.

For couples seeking privacy and an extra jolt during Shocktoberfest’s blackout finale, The Hypnodrome’s signature “Shock Box” seats are worth the higher ticket price. The curtained loveseats are tricked out for the ultimate in spookshow shenanigans. “Couples can see the show, but the show can’t see them,” Blackwood chuckles “We never know what will happen in a Shock Box – especially once the lights go out!”

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[22 Jul 2006|09:31am]
ugh. i'm bored already, and i still have six and a half hours of work. i have nothing to do. i don't feel like doing much online, and people would interupt me if i was reading. so im sitting. that is all for this entry.
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[17 Jun 2006|09:21am]

my journal is FRIENDS ONLY now.

if youre my friend but i havent added you let me know.
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[13 Jun 2006|05:34pm]
another long day. still gotta trek on over to haight and dividerso in 10 mins. ugh.

i've made new friends in class, kind of proud of myself for that. i've had a problem with making new friends/meeting new people but slowly my social anxiety is fading away. i even rode bart with someone after class to the Mission. aw people, yay.

tonight i'm determined to go jogging, its been over two weeks. i feel like such a fat butt. i do enjoy being a bum eatin and watchin the tele, but jogging just makes me feel so much better and i feel productive. plus, i run by the beach so it's very relaxin and theraputical for meh.

this comming sunday kicks off the Stern Grove free summer concerts!! i've never been and i want to go to as many as possible. Aimee Mann is playing this sunday. Maybe i'll get to check it out.

yeah. that is all. now i leave.
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[13 Jun 2006|01:38am]
so my first day of summer session was amazing

sure bio was lame as usual but what can i expect from already have taken the course
on the other hand, FILM 24 rocks. i get to make three films in six weeks. This may very well be the best class i have taken in my college carrer.

its about fucking time i get to take a class i want to <333333333 yay for film production!!

too bad i have to wake up at 7:30am every week day

tomorrow i get to go to an NA meeting in Bayview... that should be interesting. good thing i decided to update otherwise i would have forgotten to find out how to get there tomorrow.

i also looked at a place today, $600 a month, not bad and the people are fucking rad as fuck. i hope i get it. Its right accross from Stern Grove. Man that would be amazing.

anyway, it IS 1:45am so i guess i better get to bed.

i should eat that butterfinger thats calling my name tho

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[10 Jun 2006|11:15am]
i'm at work, with five more hours of sitting, so i've decided i'll update my long forgotten live journal. I've been much more of a lurker during the past two years, reading about you guys, trying to keep up with your lives. But being a lurker doesnt let you into my life. I love the internet for these reasons, it's such a great way to keep in contact and stay updated on the lives of friends. well i guess there is always myspace, but myspace is way too public haha.

I can't even recall when the last time i actually wrote was. I've deff. experienced a major turning point in my life this past semester, and for once it shows. crazy.

It's summer woohoo! I start the summer session on monday. should be exciting. I'm taking Intro to Film Production!! i'm finally going to be able to play with a camera, sure i'm going to have to pay for the film, but i never expected that to be free. I'm also taking human biology/lab. it's pretty fucking lame that i have to take the class all over again just so i can get LAB credit. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. BIOLOGY. (enough to take the class for a second time)

Tomorrow should be fun. Sunday June 11th = Haight Street Street Fair!!!
i've missed it every year, mostly because i never remembered when it was or because i was sleeping. i'm making sure i get a good nights sleep tonight so i can wake up early and get there by 11:00am. Spending an entire day on Haight Street and Golden Gate Park is easy for me as it is, i can't imagine how great it'll be with actual stuff to do. haha.

I saw the remake of the Omen the other night, didnt like it.
Last night i saw the original Omen with my new friend from London! haha and as always i loved that version. I want to see the Omen II now. I'm obsessed. .....or possessed? eh? eh?

meeting someone from outside the country really made me realize, well rather reminded me that i need to do some serious traveling. There's a whole world to see and yet i've never been outside of California (with the exception of Vegas and Laughlin) It's sad. I can't be a cali boy all my life, one can only experience so much of the coast.

Is someone playing classical music down the hall?

yup. they are. it took me a while to figure that out.

i'll try n update again soon.

i WILL update again soon.
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[25 Dec 2005|04:06pm]
haha i havent updated this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking long
and since its christmas
and you all know how much i love frank at christmas time
[even this year he DOESNT have lights wrapped around him =0( ]
i thought id say hello to the LJ world
have a merry merry everyone!!
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[08 Apr 2005|06:53pm]


so my mom has been in the hospital for two days
she'll be there till monday

she got breast cancer a while back
she went in and they thought they removed it but they didnt
she went back in and they thought the removed it again but they didnt
so then she had to have the breast removed

then she started kemo

and she isnt doing well at all
her body isnt getting along with it at all

she now has bronchitis and a sinus infection

she has always have had extreme chronic asthma, high blood pressure and M.S. multiple sclerois (sp?)

gaaaaaaaaah i'd do anything to make her not go through so fucking much


i wanna send my mom a card and i wanted to put messages my friends would have to tell her just to cheer her up
the only people my mom knows is her three children, her husband & his mother and three people she works with
she never has anyone to talk to
i moved out, and my sister, who is my moms partner in duty, is 31 and has always lived at home, JUST moved out this week
so now my mom lives with my dad

and my mom prolly doesnt have a job anymore because of the huge amounts of time she already has and will have to take off because of this so she'll just be at home all the time

so yeah i dunno...
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[02 Apr 2005|06:21am]
omfg i cant stay awake and im at work
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my eyes
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[17 Mar 2005|06:53am]
frank is green
happy st pattys day <3
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OMG fun!! [17 Mar 2005|05:17am]
I feel like I'm so scared! that bitter old queen deejaydimsum gone and said that they saw me talking to crynangels and backstabbing so_broken_.

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I was supposed to get together with manazo and rock_star_eddie Monday but I don't want to anymore. I'm so tired of seeing the same people.

Hey and know what? auspiciouslilme said they wanted to go to the movies but they didn't show up :-(.

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I feel so listless! moonbabyerica said they wanted to play D&D but juju909 wanted to do something else :-(.

Oh yeah. lilraverskippy went around saying how they saw me backstabbing bambam7blu.

And also someone at work found out I was into anime and I think that's why I got fired :-(.

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I gave everybody my wishlist of computer hardware for my birfday, but nobody bought me anything :-(.

What sucks is that that bitter old queen happydimsumkid gone and said that they saw me backstabbing xxerica35xx.

And also glimee went around saying how I got caught talking to oh_that_kiddo and talking crap about sw3etart. And yeah. You might guess I don't give a flying f*** what they think anymore. I'm over that.

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I am so upset! yesterday at work my manager said to put in some overtime but like she's not going to pay for the overtime.

Hey and know what? oh_that_kiddo went around saying how they saw me talking to phoenix_ryanne and backstabbing manazo. And yeah. You might guess I don't give a flying f*** what they think anymore. I'm over that.

What sucks is that I don't know why speedknot7 went all psycho over me and sfcurechick having a little fun.

Oh yeah. xlovejunkiex told me that kidtrix told folks that I got caught talking crap about dinker. Which isn't even true! Don't let me hear about that again or I'm going 2 whup asses!

And also everybody has asked why I'm leaving the trekkie fandom but the answer is simple: Some of you know who you are and why I'm leaving FOREVAR.

This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

I don't know why pessimisticone went all psycho over me and soybean having a little fun.

Oh yeah. that jackass ibeabillybob gone and said that they saw me talking to dinker and backstabbing oh_that_kiddo. Don't let me hear about that again or they'll be sorry!

What sucks is that I went to gaming group with folks yesterday but the campaign is being run totally wrong. That ruined the game!

Oh and I gave everybody my wishlist of computer hardware for my birfday, but nobody bought me anything :-(.

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[16 Mar 2005|01:59am]
[ mood | high ]

today was a good day

i had to work 8-1pm and then i hung out at the front desk with emma for almost two hours trying to find "checkers" lmao, but checkers never came down

anywho after that i randomly recieved a phone call from none other than JEN BOOTHBY <3 ...Jen is an amazing person, and was also one of my first roommates at broad st... she's been very influential in my life, just because i find her to be ultimatley amazing!!

she came over and hung out for a bit, caught up on old times, and just had long in depth conversations... just like we did in the Broad St days

i also recieved a package in the mail today from Yvette... i love that girl.... so she moved to hawaii and sent me a calender "MEN of the Hawaiin Islands" hahahahaha...its hottt <3333

i, for the first time in weeks, was able to buy food!!!!!!
man im so stufffed haha

also the new SPIN magazine is hottt
it has the 66.6 last years of Goth hahaha
and the craft was on the list for the 90s lol

i guess thats all i have to update about

so catch ya later Myspace blog
...i'd update inmy LJ but i dunno bout that anymore

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[27 Feb 2005|02:05am]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a good one!

i might have the date wrong, but its on my calender for some reason hahaahahaha
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[24 Feb 2005|06:01am]
i love my San Francisco class
it's a humanities class more than a history class

we've learned reasons for the griding layout of the city and gaining an understanding why san francisco looks and feels the way it does.... we are focusing on victorian houses right now... and san francisco was one of the first cities ever to build out of wood... so to show pride in this new wood city, new style victorians had excessive wood imprints throughout the outside and have really detailed designs in wood... this came to be known as the San Francisco Victorian... its all about the wood

what else is there to write about at 6 in the morning at work
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[24 Feb 2005|05:51am]
after class today i take a ride over to Haight St.
i stocked up with goods from the street kids
and i took a stroll

i entered golden gate park where Haight St ends to walk home. However the Botanical Gardens caught my eye and i decided to take a gander for once... wow...the botanical gardens are amazing... acres of gardens categorized in world regions.... resulting in myself getting lost. Wheni finally found an exit out of the gardens i became lost in the park itself. I was lost for an hour and a half, almost two hours of contsant wandering....needless to say i somehow ended up with the buffalo... boy was i happy to see some california bison. Finding the buffalo meant i was close by my house. I finally escaped golden gate park and was let out on 40th ave...12 blocks from my house

i want to get a good camera
take pictures through out san francisco
and get the film developed as slides
and get a slide projector

sounds good to me
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[22 Feb 2005|06:02am]
Wow i just spoke to David Salazar, a fucking good homie from middle school and he updated me on our old "group"

My best friends whom i grew up with and grew apart after 8th grade

Adriana: has a child, childs father is 27yr old tagger, both into crystal

Billy 4th St: shot and killed...gang

Frankie Cruz: Foster homes for years... kicked out of Mens Home... now homeless

Chino Chris: shot on train tracks and killed.... gang *RIP* chino...you'll always be remembered as the life loving adventurest i knew

Ricky and Melody: have a child

Sal: Has two kids

Carlos: Works as a T.A. at our old elementary school

David: Unemployed

Matthew: Still living on Via Corona

Moe: dropped out of Santa Cruz

all except carlos, and sal are high school drop outs


it's weird
going back in time

i wish them the best and i wish i could contact them, but it would be too weird
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[25 Jan 2005|07:36pm]
title or description

Natalie, Stephen, and Jerry visit my town .......10 picturesCollapse )
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[18 Nov 2004|04:05pm]
i love life right now :)

my mommmy just got back from surgery... they removed a tumor or somethin like that...and it seems like the breast cancer is gone

i got a job...and i fucking love it
workin at FYE for your entertainment MUSIC and MOVIES
ya its rad
my co-workers are awesome
my old friends yami and david work there
<333333... we were part of the "gay click" at school haha...fuckin rocks to see them again :)
....only thing is i dont work again till next friday.... how lame is that!!! i'll tell you... FUCKING LAME
imma miss it so much! lmao....im such the nerd

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban comes out next Tuesday!!!
when i go in for a meeting sunday imma pre order it cuz i want the poster
i havent seen the movie yet... but i hear it left out shit loads from the book
i hope im not extremely dissapointed

Gwens new album is gonna be out tuesday too
i want that

i'm reading a book "Now, More, Again" my wife lindsay lent me...almost done with it and yeah FUCKIN LOVE IT... much better than Elizabeth Wurtzel's first book Prozac Nation which i could not finish for the life of me even tho i only had like 80 pages left in the book

i bought my DAIRY QUEEN STRAWBERRY SUNDAE chapstick from claires today... cuz i kinda lost it...again.... so my lips taste wonderful again

but ya.............weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*jumps away*
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[27 Oct 2004|06:47pm]

dont think any less of me
i'm a very FUCKING INNOCENT boy
but i need help


so i went to go apply at F.Y.E. (the music store)
i then got called back for an interview
it went well i think
next i had to take a long ass phone test
i'll find out tomorrow or the next day if i passed the phone test
then within 48 hours of my acceptance
i need to...


and like i went to SF this past weekend and i gave into absolute pleasure...


anywho i NEED THIS JOB


ANYONE have ANY TIPS on PASSING DRUG TESTS?????????????????????????????

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[20 Oct 2004|05:01pm]
How much do your LJ friends love you? by ladybugadria
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